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7th December 2017

Launch of Haymes Artisan Collection

If you’ve been following our Instagram lately, you will have seen that here at Haymes we are super excited to have officially launched our latest product range – Haymes Artisan Collection

Haymes DesignerFinishes 0207 Gemmola2  Haymes July1798 Gemmola 1
 [Metallic: Copper]                                                   [Textures: Soft Chalk]

We have been busy bees over the last two years working on this incredible range in a direct response to emerging trends in the market.  Internationally, this style is gaining huge momentum and was a big feature of last year’s Milan Trade Fair. 

Gemmola Haymes DesignerFinish 2627 2
 [ Surface: Brushed ]

The Artisan Collection is a range of textural finishes that can be used in a multiturde of different areas in the home. Inspired by handcrafted, imperfect and unique artisan pieces, the Artisan Collection has been designed to add texture and depth and take you far, far away from standard white plaster walls.

Haymes DesignerFinishes1502 Gemmola 1
 [Metallic: Patina]

The product range is made up of three core categories – Textures, Surface, and Metallic.  Each category has different application techniques and colour palettes, making this range unbelievably versatile.

Over the next few weeks we will take you on a tour of the collection.  We will walk you through the products available in the range, how to apply the product and how to style your home to complement this perfectly imperfect offering.

Stay tuned!

Haymes Paint x