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23rd August 2017

Victorian Heritage home stunning renovation

Two years ago, Melbourne couple Maude and John bought a neglected 1800s Victorian home in Hawthorn. The property wasn’t in good shape, having been partly renovated in the 60s to include a tacked-on extension with corrugated iron walls and fibreglass roofing.

But the moment they walked through the door, they felt an immediate attraction to it. Maude said it’s just a feeling you get that tells you, this is the one.

Haymes Hawthorn3912 Gemmola
Colour used: Whitewash 1

Haymes Hawthorn4063 Gemmola
Colour used: railings and door – Intrigue; Exterior – Whitewash 1


Haymes Hawthorn3987 Gemmola
Colour used: railings and door – Intrigue; Exterior – Whitewash 1

“Walking into the home, which required a considerable renovation and extension, we knew we were really going to have to use our imagination. Though the excitement we felt was all we needed, we could see its potential and we knew it could be something beautiful,” Maude said.

Haymes Hawthorn4221 Gemmola
Colour used: Morocco Sand

Maude wanted to retain the traditional feel of the property. “I asked my son, who lives in London, to source and send latches and stays for our casement windows from the UK.

While there is a traditional feel to the home there is also a contemporary vibe that cracks through reminding you that although the home pays homage to the 1800s Victorian era, in which it was built, this is very much a home built for living in 2017.

The couple got creative when they couldn’t retain some of the original features. The floorboards needed to be replaced; Maude and John wanted to return the warmth and texture of old timber to their home and were fortunate enough to find Baltic pine floorboards sourced from a demolished warehouse in Collingwood the same era as their home.

Haymes Hawthorn4339 Gemmola
Colour used: Morocco Sand

Haymes Hawthorn4272 Gemmola
Colour used: Morocco Sand

A distinctive part of this home is the bathroom and kitchen while traditional in style they both boast a fresh contemporary feel.

Haymes Hawthorn4185 Gemmola
Colour used: Modesty White

Haymes Hawthorn4152 Gemmola
Colour used:Modesty White

Haymes Hawthorn4348 Gemmola
Colour used: Modesty White

The Victorian style bathroom is a bright and fresh, yet relaxing space, not to mention its exquisite design. From the magnificent bath feet to the time-honoured tap wear, it’s easy to unwind here at the end of a long day and imagine you are holidaying in the English Countryside.

Haymes Hawthorn4356 Gemmola
Colour used: Modesty White

In deciding on the colours in the home, Maude knew that she didn’t want only white or cream, but wasn’t quite sure where to start.  Maude enlisted the help of Wendy Rennie, Haymes’ Colour and Concept Manager, who worked with the couple to create their perfect palette. 

“We knew we wanted to use Haymes Paint because we used Haymes in our previous home and I like the colour range.  But this time we decided to use the Haymes’ Colour Stylist Service because making the right decision is not easy!  

“It’s so hard to choose colours based on a small swatch. Wendy made the job of choosing paint so much easier.  She knows what a colour actually looks like in different lights and on the walls.”

 Haymes Hawthorn4325 Gemmola
Colour used: Gilded

Haymes Hawthorn4117 Gemmola2
Colour used:Flax Straw

One thing Maude was certain of though is that a house has to be a home. “There are scratches on the floorboards from our cat and dog chasing each other around the house and skidding around the stairs. These are the scars of this house that show it’s loved and lived in,” Maude said.

Haymes Hawthorn4373 Gemmola2
Colour used: Morocco Sand

Haymes Hawthorn4287 Gemmola
Colour used: Morocco Sand

Haymes Hawthorn3964 Gemmola
Colour used: Whitewash 1

A renovation is never an easy process, and facing a slab of colour charts, swatches and sample pots adds a whole new level of complexity. This project is a perfect example of how colour, imagination and a home owner open to new ideas can result in a truly beautiful home.

For help finding the perfect colours to create that sense of home in your property, head over to the Haymes website to find details of our range of colour consulting services, suitable for any budget and any property.

Photography by Martina Gemmola and styling by Ruth Welsby.

Haymes xx