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Colour Through The Decades

To celebrate 80 years of crafting quality products, Haymes Paint has curated eight innovative palettes, showcasing key colours, design and decoration from the past eight decades. Let us take you back in time, as we recreate the sentimental 1940s, right through to the digital era of 2010, infusing a sense of individuality and a contemporary perspective. Click each picture to view more.

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80s landing page Gemmola 90 Haymes 80th 18485 Gemmola 2000 Haymes 80th 19010 Gemmola 2010 Haymes 80th 18712
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Haymes Vintage Vignettes

Click through the below Haymes Vintage Vignettes, showcasing some of the oldest palettes in the Haymes colour range, dating back to our first few years of business. From simple beginnings of something very special, Haymes has played with colour and palettes throughout the decades, and will continue to celebrate creating innovative colour ranges for Australian homes. Styling by Ruth Welsby and photography by Martina Gemmola.


Decade Inspiration

Take a quick trip through the decades and discover the origins of some of the world’s most recognised designs. From the contemporary design of the Navy Chair to the curvaceous FAVN, the below inspiration will make you question what decade you draw on for your style aesthetic.

thumbnail2 Thumbnail 2 vitra panton chair ambiente 770x2 thumbnail 4
80th decade names web 80th decade names web2 80th decade names web4 80th decade names web5
80s thumbnail alessi juicy salif2 2000 Crinoline high back garden chair 2 FAVN Jamie Hayon 2010s2
80th decade names web6 80th decade names web7 80th decade names web8 80th decade names web9


Colour Through The Decades - Image credits.

Credits: 1940s Wall - Posey Green. Door - Blue Aster. Fireplace - Poppy Red. Parquet flooring - Salvage. Coffee table - Clickon Furniture. Side table and rug - Southwood. 1950s Wall - Face Powder. Cabinet - Spearmint, Sapphire and Intrigue. Dining table - Tide. Chairs - CULT. Rug - Norsu. Pendant - Grandfather’s Axe. Cabinet accessories - Amalfi, Scout House, Norsu and Safari Living. 1960s Wall - Danish Blue. Wardrobe - Patrician Purple and Grape Shadow. Armchair and rug - Fenton & Fenton. Side table - Domo. Cushions - Safari Living, Southwood and Clickon Furniture. Vases - Grandfather’s Axe and Southwood. Telephone - Family Love Tree. 1970s Wall - Rich Red. Sofa and side table - Pop & Scott. Coffee table - Clickon Furniture. Cushions - Safari Living and Turner and Lane. Table accessories - Pop & Scott, Norsu, Safari Living and Grandfather’s Axe. Pendant - Family Love Tree. Ottoman and rug - Turner and Lane. Painting - Wendy Rennie. 1980s Walls - Ultimate Seamless Flooring Ash Grey and Forest Shade. Table - Texas Yellow. Chair - Domo. Table light - Grandfather’s Axe. Desk accessories - Hunting For George and CULT. Baskets - Norsu and Safari Living. 1990s Wall - Tiffany. Bed and pink stool - Hunting for George. Bed linen and cushions - Fenton & Fenton, Hunting For George, Kip & Co and Safari Living. Rug and timber side table - Southwood. Radio and headphones - Hunting For George. Vase - Norsu. 2000s Wall - Designer Finishes Real Copper Paint and Oxidising Patina. Floor - Retreat. Planter screen - Lump. Chair and coffee table - GlobeWest. Ceramics - Cone11 and Neutral Instinct. Towel - Safari Living. 2010s Wall - Slush and Element. Picture frames - Minimalist 5, Minimalist 1 and Element. Parquet flooring - Salvage. Dining table - GlobeWest. Chairs - Tide. Pendant light and prints - Norsu. Rug - Southwood. Ceramics - Neutral Instinct.
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Colours shown are for inspirational purposes only. For accurate colour reference we recommend a sample pot to assist with the final colour choice. Styling by Ruth Welsby and photography by Martina Gemmola.